Lower prices

We’ve managed to re-negotiate some deals with suppliers and that translates back to you. Prices for all complete and customizable printer kits have been reduced. And with a fair amount actually. If you were doubting about the kit and price was the deciding factor than this might sway your mind.

Possible shipment delays next week (23-29 March)

Some bad news. Due to personal circumstances I can’t guarantee shipment of orders during next week. Also replies to email might take longer than usual.
Current order will be processed as fast as possible until that time but new orders might have to wait a couple of days extra.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

EU VAT issues resolved

There have been some updates to the plugin for VAT free shopping for EU customers.
It has been tested by a number of clients and it works. So hopefully it will stay that way.
Enjoy VAT-free shopping if applicable and off course let me know if there are issues.