EU VAT issues resolved

There have been some updates to the plugin for VAT free shopping for EU customers.
It has been tested by a number of clients and it works. So hopefully it will stay that way.
Enjoy VAT-free shopping if applicable and off course let me know if there are issues.

We need your help…

This is a cry for help. Well maybe not so dramatic but I’m looking for someone who can help me and the community.
I want to design, produce and sell a new generation of the Kossel. A next level version of our beloved model. I believe the 3D community is being bombarded by new printermodels but most of them are variations of the same old boxy Cartesian printers we al know.
The delta’s are still outnumbered but not outgunned. There have been some nice innovations like the Atom 2.0 or the Flux. The Flux introduces a modular system with changeable end effectors and build-in 3D scanning. It’s also fairly cheap. But it’s small, even smaller than the mini.
The Atom is a very nice looking machine with very high performance and awesome looks. About the same size as the Kossel XL but the price is almost triple that of a Kossel XL and some parts are way to expensive and over-engineered.

What I want to accomplish is a version of the XL that keeps the features we all like and with some high end upgrades (think magnetic couplings, cleaner look, more stable frame, changeable heads, etc) but keep the price as low as possible. Maybe even make it bigger since that is what the community wants apparently.
There is one problem. I do not have enough hours in a day to transfer the ideas to a design and keep my focus on getting your kits ready.
So… I’m “hiring”! What I’m looking for is someone who has the time, knowledge and skill to design this new addition to the Delta family. You need to be able to draw the parts preferrably in Openscad or else Sketchup and have technical insights to tackle challenges. Naturally you should have some (or a lot) of experience with 3D printing.
What is in it for you? Well, as you know I’m no Ultimaker or Makerbot Industries so I can’t pay you a nice fee but I can give you a completely free version of this new printer plus all the parts you might need to experiment with and off course the plastic to print the test objects and parts.
You can also help to decide the name of this new printer and off course your name will be linked to the design forever.

As I said, this printer is for the community (so open source) but also by the community. So if you have an idea you would like to see in your ideal printer let me know in the comments. Size, Special features, materials, technologies, electronics etc.
If you feel you are the one to participate in this project then please contact me and tell me why you think you are it.


Update: We are working with 3 guys now (plus me, so 4) to develop this new delta. Looking forward to the new ideas!

Happy anniversary! Updated

Almost forgot!
I promised to offer 10% on all Kossel Mini’s this month to celebrate our 1 year anniversary but forgot to mention how. Well, use the coupon code: 1yearin3d
That will take of 10% on all Kossel Mini’s, both complete kits & custom kits.
Plus anyone that orders a printed parts kit (either separate or as part of a kit) and send me an email with the words: “I want to glow!” will get his/her parts in glow-in-the-dark PLA! The first one will also get a refund for the cost of the printed parts (€45)! The second and third person to mail these words with there order will also get it in glow-in-the-dark but won’t get the refund.


Update: The first response for the glow action was within just 5 minutes after posting this message and goes to Maxim. Your printer will glow in the dark!

Update2: Number 2 has been taken by Xiaolei Yu. Your printer will also be glowing.

Update3: And there gone!

Euros! And new products.

Our current poll asked what currency you would prefer. Initially we used dollars because it is a more global currency. But we can’t argue with your opinion since 75% of the voters opted for Euros over Dollars. So starting feb 1st we will switch all prices to euros!

We have also have added a couple of new products so check them out:

All-Metal hotend! By popular demand we added the v6 hotend from E3D to our shop. They are the real deal, no fakes only very high performance. Much less hassle than the J-heads. We run them on all our printers. It is now also available as an option in all our printer kits.

Motor Vibration Dampers! Silence your printer. Works for all nema17’s, The result is pretty dramatic.

100K thermistor for heated beds. No idea why it wasn’t in the shop but it is now.