What a mess!

Oh my. It’s Murphy’s Law again.
As you know, our site is having some major issues with random downtime. It ranges from 1 minute to 1 hour and the problem can’t be found by the provider. I’ve been working almost non-stop to get the new shop up and running with a new provider. This is going well but is not finished and available yet. I hope to get it ready next week or so.

There was a huge peak in orders the last 2 weeks. More than double the amount we had normally. Great news of course and thank you for that but Murphy is peeking around the corner. The GT2 belt that is in all the orders we received had a production error. Luckily it was found before it was shipped to any customers but that meant that the machines needed maintenance and a new batch had to be made. This took way longer than expected. The new batch is on it’s way here by DHL.
In the mean time it means orders are stacking up and no order are shipped out. I regret this deeply and if any orders would exceed the maximum lead time of 3 weeks that is stated on the site than those customers get something extra for free like a free heated bed or free vibration dampers.

Murphy was not done here. The main area where the printers are running and where the orders are packed needs to be undergo a drastic remodelling. This is scheduled for 18-24 May. That means less time can be spend on printing and packing. Combine that with the above and you can imagine the stress-levels here. So it is decided to mark the XL as out of stock until we can catch up with our orders and getting the site online.

I’m very sorry for all the inconvenience that this will cause and we’re working non-stop to get it all sorted. It will be better with the new site, I promise. That site will have proper stock management and the way we pack and ship the items will be racically different to speed up lead times and only be able to sell stuff that is actually on stock. Looking forward to show you all.

Site troubles – 2nd Update: Trouble remains

We’ve experienced some malfunctions in the performance of the site. The site went down fairly often. This should be resolved now and was actually caused due to the success of the site, it ran out of disk space! How stupid.

Also we have upgraded the hosting and speed settings so the site should be faster now. If you experience issues than please let me know.

Update: Damn, still troubles. The site goes on and off at random intervals. My service provider is looking into the issue.
Also the color option is now fixed so the models are now up for sale again.

Update 4-5-’15
Ok so the issues of occasional downtime remain and we can’t find the problem. It’s not the site itself because my other (private) sites have the same issue. The service provider can’t find anything in the logs or any issues. So now what? We had plans to update/upgrade the site to a new system and easier look and feel. But now these plans have gone into fast forward, ultra fast. A new provider will host this site and when ready we’ll move. Keep watching the news items for more info.

Lower prices

We’ve managed to re-negotiate some deals with suppliers and that translates back to you. Prices for all complete and customizable printer kits have been reduced. And with a fair amount actually. If you were doubting about the kit and price was the deciding factor than this might sway your mind.

Possible shipment delays next week (23-29 March)

Some bad news. Due to personal circumstances I can’t guarantee shipment of orders during next week. Also replies to email might take longer than usual.
Current order will be processed as fast as possible until that time but new orders might have to wait a couple of days extra.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!

We are experiencing occasional downtime on our site. See the news for more info.