Black Friday/Cyber Monday and updates!

There are a lot of things to tell that have happened in the past weeks but for now I will limit it to just 3 things:
1. Black Friday & Cyber Monday
We will have one Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount, FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!!! Just use this coupon code: noshipping
It is valid from 27th of november until dec 1st.

2. New website
Finally after months of work, dissapointments and setbacks we will finally release the new website on dec 1st.
We tried to get the new manual online but that was not possible unfortunatly. On the plus side, when we do release it, it will be a video manual! That will give you way more insight in the process to further help you build your printer.

3. Kit content change
The content of the kit has been altered. The clips that hold the GT2 belt have been integrated into the carriages. This is way stronger but also another component less. Here’s a picture how that should look:


That’s it for now. See you on the new site!

Back on track & FREE heated beds

Vacation is over. During and after my entire family has been ill and we’re still recovering. All outstanding orders have been fulfilled and we’re all set for faster delivery. Estimated shipping is now within about a week, 2 at the most if orders come in fast. So to celebrate this we will be offering free heated bed upgrades for all printer kits until end of october effective immediately!  Add the bed heater to your cart and use the coupon codes heatmeup to get it for free. That is up to 25 euro discount.


Lang time no updates. That doesn’t mean no news though. We have some big changes coming up in the very near future. But first we will take a break. We will be on holiday until september 11th. During that period we will not be able to answer emails unfortunately. Arrangements have been made that orders will be processed but in a reduced manner so please keep that in mind when ordering. After the holiday we will be able to double our processing power and get you your kits faster than ever.

Updates, updates and updates

It has been a hectic few weeks as you know but the sun is starting to shine again (literally here).
Most important news is that all orders have been shipped or will ship today! So backlog is gone. Pfiew!
Secondly, the Kossel XL is now available to order again!
The remoddeling of the workspace is also done. That will help with speeding up orders as well.

Kit changes
The printed parts kit has changed it’s content a bit. Most orders that have been sent out the past week have this new content. The J-head hotend will no longer be available through the site. I feel it has to many issues. So all kits are E3D hotend only. That saves 1 extra part that needs to be printed. The Extruder mount has a new orientation so it will be printed much cleaner than before. All kits will get a set of 6 printed vibration dampening feet!
The carriages for the vertical movement have had a redesign. Functionally there is no difference but the nut traps are larger so they are much easier to install. You can identify them by the rounded corners that they now have.
The printed groovemount for holding the hotend has been replaced by a wooden one. It is made by a CNC machine from aircraft grade plywood and allows for printing in much higer temperatures then with the printed one.
There are no changes in pricing with these added parts.

Nuts & Bolts
This is such a time-saver. We have contracted a company that will gather and pack the required nuts & bolts for us. Every different bolt or parts is packed in it’s own little plastic bag and labeled. The entire kit is shipped in a nice plastic container. As a bonus we include 2 Allen keys that fit the M3 & M2.5 bolts!
As a second bonus we will drop the price a bit when the new site goes live. They are however already shipped with each order that comes in now.

New site
The new site is almost done with just the remaining products that need to be added. Hopefully we will migrate to the new site within a few days. The printer selection has been simplified to make ordering easier and less cluttered. Most importantly due to the decent stock options we will switch to a new way of processing orders. We will print kits to and place them in stock. Same goes for the other modules like a motor kit. Then we will enter the amounts in the software and it automaticly calculates how many complete printers can be ordered. That way we only sell stuff that is in stock. It means faster packaging, faster shipping and less backlog and waiting. We are so looking forward to it!

New products
Soon after we launch the new site we will also ship and print in a new material, PETG. PETG filament is a close cousin to PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) filament. PETG is a new updated version that has enhanced properties. The optimum print temperature is between 215°C – 235°C. Another reason for ditching the J-head hotend. PETG filament has minimal shrinkage and warping. The filament has easy adhesion, so it can be printed on acrylic, glass, polyimide (Kapton) tape, blue tape, and others. A heated bed is not required but as always it does make life a lot easier. These colors are also semi-transparent and we will offer them in black, red, green, blue, yellow and natural. Off course under the awesome Octofiber brand.

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading this massive update. Double thank you for all the support and kind words that you have shared with me and triple thanks for your patience when waiting for your orders!

What a mess!

Oh my. It’s Murphy’s Law again.
As you know, our site is having some major issues with random downtime. It ranges from 1 minute to 1 hour and the problem can’t be found by the provider. I’ve been working almost non-stop to get the new shop up and running with a new provider. This is going well but is not finished and available yet. I hope to get it ready next week or so.

There was a huge peak in orders the last 2 weeks. More than double the amount we had normally. Great news of course and thank you for that but Murphy is peeking around the corner. The GT2 belt that is in all the orders we received had a production error. Luckily it was found before it was shipped to any customers but that meant that the machines needed maintenance and a new batch had to be made. This took way longer than expected. The new batch is on it’s way here by DHL.
In the mean time it means orders are stacking up and no order are shipped out. I regret this deeply and if any orders would exceed the maximum lead time of 3 weeks that is stated on the site than those customers get something extra for free like a free heated bed or free vibration dampers.

Murphy was not done here. The main area where the printers are running and where the orders are packed needs to be undergo a drastic remodelling. This is scheduled for 18-24 May. That means less time can be spend on printing and packing. Combine that with the above and you can imagine the stress-levels here. So it is decided to mark the XL as out of stock until we can catch up with our orders and getting the site online.

I’m very sorry for all the inconvenience that this will cause and we’re working non-stop to get it all sorted. It will be better with the new site, I promise. That site will have proper stock management and the way we pack and ship the items will be racically different to speed up lead times and only be able to sell stuff that is actually on stock. Looking forward to show you all.