Kossel XL

The Kossel XL is the Mini's bigger brother. It features the same basic specs regarding quality, speed and build method but just with a massive 25cm round build plate. It does everything the mini does but it can just print bigger objects.

The Kossel XL has a XY resolution around 35 microns and a z-resolution or layerheight of at least 100 microns (0.1mm). It is possible to go even lower to 50 microns (0,05mm) but this is for very advanced users and depends on the quality of your build and your calibration.

The machine is capable of printing all kinds of materials. Off course PLA & ABS (with heated bed only) but also more exotic materials like PET, PETG, PC-ABS, Carbonfill, Woodfill, Copperfill, Bronzefill, Brassfill, Stonefill, Ninjaflex (altough bowden type printers are not well suited for flexible materials) and many others. More information about materials and some samples can be found here.

Did we mention it is bigger?

* The picture shows the XL with lineair rails but we do not use or ship these. All printers use wheeled carriages. There were no benefits for using rails based on our tests but they are much more expensive.


This is the basic kit including almost everything*you need to get this working.
This version is for PLA only since it doesn't feature a heated bed. It also has a LCD or SD card reader so a permanent connection to a computer is not needed.
Starting price: €520


The same printer as the basic but with a heated bed.
This makes it suited for a range of materials like ABS and more exotic materials that require a heated bed.


You can select the options you want.

* The Kossel XL is not supplied with a power supply. The reason is simple, you can use any 12v power supply that can generate 5A (no heated bed) or 15A (with heated bed). Most computer power supplies are very suited to do this. They are safe, cheap and can be bought everywhere. The reason we don't ship it with the kit is because it weighs a lot and would increase the shipping price more than is wil cost you to buy it separately. Beware though for cheap chinese supplies, they are not always safe!