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μDelta will be discontinued

The μDelta, although a nice piece of kit will no longer be part of our portfolio. There is very little interest in it and more for the Kossel series. It costs more to keep it and it’s parts in stock so I decided to stop selling it. There are plans however for other smal or cheaper 3D […]

Video Tutorial online!

The countless hours of video recording and editing have resulted in a complete video manual for the Kossel Mini and Kossel XL on youtube! 19 episodes plus 3 additional videos will guide you through all steps of building a Kossel Delta 3D printer. Check them out at our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to […]

About materials

We’ve been getting lots of questions about what materials can be printed with our printers. The µDelta is limited to PLA without a heated bed. With a heated bed it can also print ABS and PLA-like materials suchs as PET and PETG. The Kossel Mini & XL can print almost any material. Of course PLA & ABS […]

Leap year discount

Today is a special day because we only have a february 29th once every 4 years. So te celebrate this we have a coupon code for a 29 euro discount! Use this as your couponcode: leapyear2016 It will be valid only today!

Mail overload – UPDATE 22-2

If you have sent me an email in the past week or so and have not received an answer then please be patient. The info mailbox has been overwhelmed with questions, compliments, inquiries, concerns and all kinds of mails. Please give me the time to work through them while also pack and ship your orders. […]

Cheaper shipping under €250 & Modified bed heaters

Good news! The shipping costs for orders under €250 has been lowered from €20 to €15! Still not dirt-cheap but at least it’s a bit better. Remember that this is not only for shipping alone but also packaging material etc. Some users reported that they noticed that the cables on the 250mm bed heater that […]

Waiting for parts…

Well, we seem to have got our almost annual year’s end troubles. This time it’s not our fault or from our suppliers for a change but the delivery boys & girls (DHL, FEDEX, UPS, USPS, etc) and the customs office. It seems that this year they have trouble coping with the huge volume of packages in […]

Explaining your order status

Yesterday I’ve added 3 new order statuses to give you better insight on the current status of your order. Here’s an insight on the current order flow: – Waiting for payment – On Hold – Processing – Sent to printerqueue – Waiting for packaging and shipping – Completed – Waiting for parts Here’s an explination […]

Delayed due to success and video tutorial.

I’m very proud of the new site and it workes way better than the old one. Apparently you do to! Thank you for all the compliments about the site. There is one downside to success though. There were more orders in one week than there are usually in a month. This makes me very happy […]