Big updates from E3D for the hotend

Our trusted supplier for the most awesome hotend, the v6, has come up with some great changes to it’s flagship hotend. Because all our printers use there hotend it is important to let you know about these changes.

Temperature sensor

From now on we will be shipping E3D-v6 Hotends with there rather nice and simple cartridge thermistors. Easier, more robust, better performance. Same price. Because a video says more than words here’s there video showing the difference:

The thermistor cartridges are based around the Semitec 104GT2 thermistor which is capable of sensing up to 300C – plenty hot for almost every printing material on the market. In the Marlin firmware you need to set the temperature value to 5. Our firmware is already set to this value so your all set.

Because of this new carriage style sensor it is not only easier to mount but also interchangeable with other sensor types. The default is the Semitec 104GT2 but you can also switch it for a PT100 or a Thermocouple with a single grub screw. Awesome!

Our shop will have these sensors and upgrade kits in stock in a few days. The upgrade kit is to convert your “old-style” heater block to the new style, including the heater cartridge.

Silicone Socks

Silicone-Sock-FilletsThe most requested product they released! The socks are made from a silicone rubber, the same sort of stuff that flexible rubber-like bakeware is made from.

The first and most obvious advantage to these is it rids us of v6-with-and-without-siliconethe horrible blackened smear of burnt on plastic that we’ve come to know, hate, but accept as an inevitability. Instead you have a clean, attractive blue cover. It’s not just about keeping things pretty though, these add some significant functional benefits.

The most significant functional advantage is that they keep heat inside the hotend where it belongs, and not out causing trouble where it shouldn’t. This means you can have a powerful unducted blower fan pointing right at the tip of the nozzle giving extremely effective print cooling without causing a drop in nozzle temperatures.

They are using a non-stick silicone resin with a particularly high temperature resilience. You can run these at a constant temperature of 300C without degradation. Going hotter than 300C is beyond the rated specs, but only results in slow aging and eventually weakness and splitting, they won’t melt into a horrible mess. Surprisingly they are pretty usable up to 400C, but with reduced life.

In normal use the socks don’t have infinite life, it depends a lot on the materials, temperatures, and how much you’re doing things that apply stress like dragging them over a wiper, but you should expect to easily get 100+ hours of use, in even the quite abusive conditions. Normally it’s some sort of print failure where a part curls up into the path of the hotend or becomes detached from the bed that causes the damage. They will be in our store for €2 a piece and you will get one free with every hotend. A small price for such a big leap in your print quality!