Kossel Mini Build Manual

So you’ve chosen the Kossel Mini. Excellent choice! This is our most popular printer. We have made this Kossel Mini Build Manual to guide you through all the steps of the build. We tried to make it as simple as possible. However, this manual is written with not an absolute dummy in mind. It’s also not the ultimate guide discussing every possible option or alternative. It’s a guide to help you build your own 3D printer based on the Kossel Mini model.
We aim to describe every step in detail but we do require you to have some technical skill and common sense.
Read carefully and look at the pictures. Don’t forget:

Always keep safety in mind!


The build consists of these stages:

Rails or Wheels

 You must first decide what version you want to build. Both versions are mostly identical except for the vertical movement. Check this page for what method you prefer.

Bill Of Materials

 What do you need to build this printer? The BOM will tell you this. We sell everything in a kit form but if you want to go shopping for yourself then this is a handy great shoppinglist.

The Mechanical Build

 It all starts with the mechanics or the actual building of the printer. This is off course the most important part.

Initial Setup

 After the mechanics we need to make some basic setup steps to get your printer, your computer  and you ready to begin.


 Often the hardest part. We guide you through all the steps needed for a hardware and software calibration.

First print

 The good stuff. How to get your printer to actually print something


 What if things don’t go as planned. We help you with the most common issues.


 We offer some upgrades to take your printer one step further or to make life just a bit easier.

So let’s start with the build! Go to the menu and select what you want to do or just start here.


Kossel Mini Build Manual