Delayed due to success and video tutorial.

I’m very proud of the new site and it workes way better than the old one. Apparently you do to! Thank you for all the compliments about the site. There is one downside to success though. There were more orders in one week than there are usually in a month. This makes me very happy off course but it also increases the delivery time a bit.

At the moment all orders that were made on the old site have been shipped, which is a great milestone. The orders from the new site were already starting to ship but have my full attention now. My apologies for the extra delays! You can count on it that all is done to get all the orders out as quickly as possible!

The video tutolrial is also coming out nicely. The first 4 video’s are up on youtube. There is 90 Gigabytes of video to sort through and edit so please stay with me. Please subscribe to the channel to get an update once a new video is online.