Explaining your order status

Yesterday I’ve added 3 new order statuses to give you better insight on the current status of your order.
Here’s an insight on the current order flow:
– Waiting for payment
– On Hold
– Processing
– Sent to printerqueue
– Waiting for packaging and shipping
– Completed

– Waiting for parts

Here’s an explination for every status.

Waiting for payment
This status is only available when you are paying using PayPal but have not completed the payment. If you do not pay within a month, the order will be deleted.

On Hold
When you indicate that you want to pay by using Bank Transfer, you’re order will get this status until the payment is done. Again, to keep the system clean,  if you do not pay within a month, the order will be deleted.

After an order is paid it gets the default status of Processing. This means that we’ve received the order and the payment and is waiting to be reviewed.

Sent to printerqueue
When we reviewed the order it will get this status. If your order contains printed parts then these will be made first. All orders are printed in a first-come-first-server manner.

Waiting for packaging and shipping
When printing is finished or when your order does not contain printed parts it will move to the packaging stage. This stage usually takes the longest time. We carefully collect all the components, do a quality check on everything and get it ready for shipping. If all is well, your order will be packed and shipped.

Waiting for parts
If something is wrong, parts are not in stock anymore or parts have not passed quality control then you will get this order. This is the status nobody wants because it means in most cases that we need to get new parts from our suppliers. Some parts can take several weeks to get to us. Off course, we do whatever we can to avoid that or get parts closer to home. If this is not possible and the estimate is that it will take too long, you will be contacted to make some other arrangement like seperate shipping.

The last stage. Your order was shipped and you should have received an email with a tracking number.


I hope that these extra stages and the explanation give you more insight in what is happening to your order.