It is with great pain that I must write this page. After more than 5 years I must stop with selling 3D printer kits.

The reason is simple. The market for 3D printers, especially for consumers and hobbyists, has become overcrowded with super cheap printers and I just can’t keep it up. The Kossel XL, my main product, has also been copied and sold under the same name from sites like Aliexpress but for a lot less. Yes, quality may be lower and the parts are all copies of original brands but we all know that for 1/3 of the price people just don’t care.
So the stressed out market, unfair competition and also little room for R&D for new products have caused this downfall. I know a lot of companies over the years fell to the same fate. Recently Printrbot, just to name one. They were one of the pioneers in this field. This makes me sad because 3D printing is such a game changer and needs to be part of every household but the market is being destroyed even before it is really starting.

Anyway, I am very proud that in a very short time Build A 3D grew out to sell kits in almost 60 countries. The Kossels have been at the start of some other companies that used it for developing their products. But mainly for all those enthusiastic people in their homes making the most awesome stuff. Even some touching stories of how 3D printing with the Kossel brought family members together in a joint hobby. I am glad that this company has been a part of all those stories.

So I will permanently close the shop at the end of the year. Until that time I will alter the shop to sell the remaining stock. Grab your chance to get those spare parts before they are gone! The email address will remain available for a longer time to handle support requests and warranty cases.

Update: Most of the stock has been sold. There are still some small parts left. Take a look here if you are interested. The shop will permanently close at the end of the year. For those still looking for the original files, they can be found here. Be aware! These will be removed as well so make sure to download them if you need them.