Buy or Build?

So now your ready to shop for a printer but what should you buy? There are so many different printers out there and more are thought up each week. The first question is: Should you buy or build?

There is off course no right answer, it depends on what you want and what kind of person you are. Do you just want to open a box, upload a design and wait for it to finish then buy a Replicator, Ultimaker 2 or something similar. But expect to pay €1500-€3000 or even more.

If you are comfortable with a screwdriver and maybe a soldering iron than please consider building your own 3D printer. Yes, it’s more work than opening a box and plugging it in but it’s very satisfying to build something like a 3D printer yourself. You will learn heaps about all aspects of the technology and a much deeper understanding.

But… one of the biggest reasons could be that it’s much cheaper to build it yourself. A Kossel for instance can be built for less than €500 euro. Since you will get to know every nook and cranny of your machine, you will no doubt see improvements or changes that would better suit your specific needs and want. Make it bigger for instance or a different color or add functionality.

If you think you don’t have the technical skill to do it yourself, please take a look at one of our printers and their manuals and see that it’s actually not that difficult. The most difficult part is using it and that part is basically the same for every printer, home-build or store-bought.

If you do go for a DIY 3D printer then first look at why you should build a delta printer.