Our Story

The roots of this site are based on the manual for the Kossel. To give something back to the community, I made a step-by-step manual to build a Kossel 3D printer. Because there just wasn’t any it made a pretty big impact in the community. A few people started asking for kits of the printed parts so I started printing these and selling them on a very small scale.

The site was started as an extra side project to host the manual. It was still very much under construction. But the internet is a beautiful yet strange thing. Somehow Google had found the temporary site and people started ordering kits by the dozens! Demand was becoming very high, very fast. In the background, I was still updating the site and in the meantime printing as a mad man to keep up with orders.

By the end of 2013 demand was so high that I couldn’t meet the delivery times. Plus, the site desperately needed to come out of the development stage and become mature. I doubled the effort to release the new site and become more and more professional.

Our clients asked is we could deliver parts needed to build the printers because they don’t want to shop around. We are continuously looking for parts and suppliers to become a one-stop-shop and to build up stock on all parts.
We are also refining our manuals to give you the best possible manual as possible. If you notice something is wrong or missing, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

The Builda3Dprinter Team