Still in business! Tough year though….

Has it been a year ago since the last news update? Wow. So much has happened in the past year that this part has been neglected for too long. I’m not going to lie, the past year has been a rough year. Very rough. The 3D printer market is booming business and each day a new […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale!

It is almost black friday and we will also join in on the fun giving you a massive discount. You get a 10% discount in everything! That may not sound like much but it is 50-75 euros on most orders. Plus all printed parts in a printerkit are free, another 35 euro discount. So that is […]

New products!

We have added some new products to the line-up: Three new colors of filament: Dark Green, Dark Blue & vibrant Pink. We have also added the PrintaFix adhesion spray so you never have to worry about that first layer coming loose. A big one: New electronics! Not only the already well known Duet V0.8.5 32-bits but […]

Big updates from E3D for the hotend

Our trusted supplier for the most awesome hotend, the v6, has come up with some great changes to it’s flagship hotend. Because all our printers use there hotend it is important to let you know about these changes. Temperature sensor From now on we will be shipping E3D-v6 Hotends with there rather nice and simple cartridge thermistors. […]

Post-Vacation Sale

Not only do we have the Summer Sale Revisited (See below) but just for the ones that are already back from their vacation: A full 15% discount an all 3D printer kits! That’s more than €75 on most orders! Hurry before it is over! Use the coupon code: Crazy15

Vacation is over. New discount!!

Yep, we are all back at work processing your orders and shipping out printers. You are all busy with holidays and having fun but fun usually costs money. So let us help you save some. From today and the entire month of September we are giving away free vibration dampers on *all* printer kits! Use […]

Holiday 2016 (22-7 until 8-8)

Like all of you we also need a break from time to time. This year we will get our summer break between july 22th until august 8th. In this period we will not be able to answer mails but arrangements have been made to ensure that orders will still be processed and shipped out although […]

New provider, super speed up!

Today we finally migrated to a new hosting because the old one was very slow. And how it speeds up now! Generally speaking the time it took from clicking to our site and actually seeing it completely was 8.74 seconds. Now the same happens in 2.78 seconds! I hope this increases your experience on this […]

Summer Sale June 2016

The past couple of weeks have been so incredibly busy and full of setbacks, it was unheard of. That also had a negative result on shipping times as well as reply speed to emails. My apologies for all who suffered from this. Enough of the negative, let’s talk positive! To jump start the summer we […]

New color available!

We are proud to anounce a new color in the Octofiber range: Pearl White! It is a very nice rich color with a pearly gloss to it. Below you can see an example printed with this color. The color is now available as a roll of filament but naturally also as the color for your […]