2x Tiko Delta 3D Printer

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For sale 2 Tiko 3D printers. These are very rare but for a reason. These were obtained from the original Kickstarter campaign.
The Tiko team were plagued by all kinds of manufacturing and logistical problems. Only a handful of printers were shipped worldwide and I have 2 of them.
The first one has been used a few times but it jammed one time. I have not tried to solve it and put it away due to time constriction.
The second one has never been used. The print on the bed is the original test print done by the Tiko team before shipping.
Both printers have the original spool of PLA. The first one is open and slightly used, the other one is still sealed.

As stated the printers are new or as good as new but the entire Tiko project is not without issues. So buy these printers at your own risk. There is no guarantee on them. Maybe they will give you a lot of fun and use or maybe they will not work properly and you can cannibalize the parts for other projects. The Tiko printers that are out in the wild have mixed results.

Printers are not sold individually!