Complete Kossel XL Smart Effector Magbal set

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This is a slightly used set (maybe 10-15 prints) and in very good condition.
It consists of all original Duet3D parts:

6x Magball arms from Hayden Huntley suited for a Kossel XL
1x Smart Delta effector with heatsink
12x Ball-stud ends
3x Carriage adapters

* Built-in nozzle contact detection (Z probe)
* Three white LEDs to illuminate the bed whenever the hot end fan is powered
* Green LED to indicate Z probe triggering and successful programming
* Amber LED to indicate power to hot end heater
* Matching PCB carriage adaptors ensure uniform spacing between bearings at top and bottom of the rods, for accurate nozzle motion
* Power and signal connectors on top for connection to the 3D printer control electronics, to make removal of the hot end easier
* Connectors on underside for hot end heater, hot end fan, print cooling fan and temperature sensor
* Support for thermistor, or 2-wire PT100 temperature sensor with 2- or 4-wire connection back to electronics (version for 4-wire PT100 sensor available to special order)

Hardware like thermistor, heater etc is included. Currently set up for 24V but can also be converted to 12V if needed.