Hardware Kossel Mini

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Borosilicate glass plate (170mm)

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GT2 Belt (5 meter bundle)

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GT2 Pulley × 3

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Bearing F623ZZ × 6

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Bearing 625ZZ

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Dupont Connector 2-pins × 10

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Dupont Connector 4-pins × 10

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Dupont Connector Female × 30

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Dupont Connector Male × 30

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Endstop Switch × 4

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Euro Connector

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Fan 40x40x10mm 12V

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Pneumatic Connector × 2

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PTFE Tube (2mm ID - 4mm OD)

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Spur Gear

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Carbon Rods (Kossel Mini)

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Traxxas Rod Ends

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This part of the kit is all the little bits you also need but might forget.

It consists of:

6x Bearing F623ZZ
1x Bearing 625ZZ
10x Dupont Connector 2-pins
10x Dupont Connector 4-pins
30x Dupont Male Connector Pin
30x Dupont Female Connector Pin
4x Endstop switch with wire
1x Euro Connector
1x Fan 40x40x10
4x GT2 Belt
3x GT2 Pulley
2x Pneumatic Connector
1x PTFE tube (50cm)
1x Spur Gear
6x Carbon Rods
12x Traxxas Rod Ends with hollow balls
1x 170mm Borosilicate glass plate