Kossel Mini Custom



Here you’ll find (almost) all you need to build a Kossel Mini. This is the get-it-all-package with an original all-metal v6 hotend from E3D. For more info on the printer see the specs here.

Be aware! There are still some items we do not yet have in our shop. These items are:

* Power supply. A 12V supply that can deliver at least 5A (without heated bed) or 15A (with heated bed). Be carefull with cheap chinese ones. They are cheap for a reason (safety!). We like to use computer powersupplies, especially with modular cables to keep it tidy.
For the probe you need some fairly basic things that can be found in most households:
* Spring. Time to rip open that Bic pen!
* Safety pin with 2.5mm loop. Raid your (grand)mother’s sewing kit.
* 1.5mm Allen key or a piece of strong, stiff wire.

Why no power supply you may ask? Because they are heavy and big. They would drive up the costs of shipping and packaging more than when you buy it locally. Any computer or electronics shop will have a suitable supply.