PrintaFix Adhesion Spray

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PrintaFix Basic is developed particulary for FDM/FFF 3D printing and is characterized by its ease of use, the low price per print and excelent adhesion on non-heated and heated printbeds. Shake the bottle well, apply overlaping circles on the printarea and start the print. Warping is a thing of the past.

PrintaFix Basic – The best solution for adhesion problems in 3D printing

  • easy to use
  • low price per print
  • good adhesion on non-heated and heated printbeds


A bottle of PrintaFix Basic applied for a average 10x10cm print lasts for around 150 prints, resulting in costs of EUR 0.09 per print and is thereby even lower than with tapes. When you have finished your creation, just remove PrintaFix Basic with warm water. We took special care when designing the formula to not harm the environment and PrintaFix Basic is environmentally friendly. Say goodbye to tapes and hairspray, never again return to your printer to a find a failed print and enjoy the easy to use solution for 3D printing from AprintaPro – PrintaFix Basic.

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