Still in business! Tough year though….

Has it been a year ago since the last news update? Wow. So much has happened in the past year that this part has been neglected for too long.

I’m not going to lie, the past year has been a rough year. Very rough. The 3D printer market is booming business and each day a new company is started or a new printer is launched.
At the same time each day these companies go out of business and some need to stop before they even start. Just look at all those failed Kickstarter printers. I personally own a couple of the startup printers like the Tiko. This was a hugely succesfull campaign but they failed to deliver. Same goes for the Ono printer, still waiting for that one to be delivered. Everybody is suffering from the overflooded market and harsh competition from Chinese companies. There is just no competing on price with some of these guys. We have felt that big time.

These printers are 100% knockoffs but they are super cheap. Again, I personally bought a couple of those to check them out. I’m not bashing the competition here but some are so horribly put together and with such low quality parts that you understand why they are so cheap. But in the end the customer, that’s you and me, mostly only see the cheap price and similar looking components. For instance, the hotend we use is a genuine E3D v6 hotend with all the original components. It costs about 70 euro’s retail. The clone has an almost identical looking hotend but it costs about 7 euro’s retail! Can you spot the difference? You will when you use it but then your money has been spent.

To make a long story short: We are still in business! And our printers are still succesfully competing with all those high priced big name printers regarding quality and speed. They are also superiour in quality to the cheap clones but just not in price. So even though I can understand why those cheap printers sell good and why you want to buy them, I want to warn you to really research them and just be aware of the risks you take.