Waiting for parts…

Well, we seem to have got our almost annual year’s end troubles. This time it’s not our fault or from our suppliers for a change but the delivery boys & girls (DHL, FEDEX, UPS, USPS, etc) and the customs office.
It seems that this year they have trouble coping with the huge volume of packages in general. We have ordered parts as fast as possible, out suppliers made them as fast as possible (well most of them) but we have still not received them.
Some were lost (even from our neighbouring country Germany), some take an unusually long time to get delivered and some are in the country but are still held in the customs office. I mean how can you loose a 50 kilo package that needs to travel a couple of hundred kilometers to your neigbouring country?? Even the customs office is backed but and will not release our shipments. Does it really take you 25 days to inspecs a package?

Anyway, the bottom line is that we can’t ship every order before christmas… The orders that we can’t ship will get the status “Waiting for parts” for now. As soon as the required part is in your order will ship. I will also send each customer a note that refers to this page in case you missed it.

Because I personally feel very sorry for this I will give every order that is delayed (so older than 7 days and waiting for parts) a free rol of Octofiber filament (random color)! It is the least I can do to soften this dissapointment for you.
Know this, you WILL receive everything you ordered but a bit later than planned. If you want to cancel because of this or have any other questions (other than: When will you ship my order?) than please contact us.

I hope that the delay will be just days and be solved somewhere around christmas and new year. Know that we do not have a vacation break and that printing, shipping etc. will continue around the holidays.